First of all… my deepest thanks to everyone who supported this novel from its conception through execution. Your suggestions, early proofreads, hospitality, and optimism is greatly appreciated. My apologies if I don’t have… room to mention you all by name. I will try and post a more comprehensive list below.

Special thanks to Kim Smith, my song writing partner, who has been a pleasure to work with and I feel like I know her in spite of having never actually met her in person. It has been my greatest excitement to hear each of “Lindy’s” songs come to life through Kim who I’ve know was a perfect match for the music since I first encountered her online.

Recognition is also deserved for psychologist Fred L. Holtz, Ph.D. for his professional and personal feedback insuring my story delivered what I intended about dealing with grief and survivor’s guilt. Like Kim, Fred is someone… who learned about my novel and jumped-in with both feet offering much valued input.

On the other side of the spectrum, Christine Schnee is someone I’ve known almost twenty years and had no idea how well read and what a great editor she is. I asked her to look at my novel and began the literary workout of my life. Thanks Christine, for covering the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and your intense attention to the content.

From the very beginning Ira Cary Blanco believed in my novel and spent countless hours of his free time building the website for it. Now, if only he will break down and read Chapter 2! Thanks also to William Baum for hosting and maintaining my website on his server.

John “Scuba” Linneman is a real person, though used fictitiously in my novel. Thanks for providing me with “The Family Tree” for inclusion in the final chapter.

Proofreading Thanks:
Sheri and Tim Miller
Shannon McGarity
Christopher Madden
Paul Epperson
Shelby Sullivan, MD