Amanda Feurerberg

Amanda Feuerberg
I met Amanda through creative writing grad school at Fairfield University’s low residency program on Enders Island.

Here’s a poem she wrote that she’s recording as a song – 10-Round Click

Words and Music by Amanda Feuerberg


in my innocence
i read the words you wrote
that no eyes were meant to see
…or perhaps you hoped
to be forgotten

but how could i forget you
when i see pieces of me inside you,
jigsawed together
with careless stitches
and broken zippers
between the empty spaces,
i come bleeding
out of you


i liquefy my soul to feed you life
to coax the color into your pale lips
the final piece of me, if it will make you whole
i swear on broken knees, i won’t let them hurt you

i tasted the sorrow you choked on,
a casualty of the night
the silent witness to your pain
with every word, my heart unraveled,
echoing what’s unspoken
confessions to the darkness, 3:am
my grief upon your lips –
how could you ever know
that all your suffering was mine?


turn your tortured eyes to me
i will hold you while you scream
shelter you inside of me


now listen closer, my falling angel;
it isn’t you who’s screaming –
baby, it’s me, clawing my way up past your lips

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