About the Music Artist - Kim Smith

Kim Rocks

When I began writing Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun, I had no idea who would eventually produce the music for the lyrics I developed in the novel. I encountered Kim Smith completely by chance through one of the writer’s forums on MySpace.com. Her profile promoted her own song Broken which introduced me to her angelic voice. She has since written the music and recorded One Down and Four Up as well as From a Long Way Away and captured exactly how I wanted my protagonist to sound.

Kim is originally from Toronto, Canada, and currently resides in the UK where she pursued her higher education studies. She obtained a university degree in Music Production, preceded by a college diploma in Music Technology. She has been a semi-professional musician since 1999. Kim began piano lessons at age four and studied classical piano throughout her school years. Inevitably, one day she discovered rock music and taught herself to play guitar. She joined a high-school rock band and has never looked back.

You can hear her perform on her MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/kimsongsmith
You can e-mail her at: