Introduction by Dr. Holtz

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Fred L Holtz, Ph.D.

Introduction by Dr. Fred L. Holtz

This is a story about dealing with the complex and often conflicting emotional extremes that sometimes accompany Survivor’s Guilt. Mark suffered the loss of his fiancée, Susanne, in a tragedy during 1996: The crash of TWA Flight 800. I am also connected with this crash because it took place less than ten miles from my Long Island home.

Following the loss Mark experienced, he wrote the lyrics to several songs as an outlet for his grief. A full ten years later, he decided to face those emotions again by creating the characters you are about to meet. These characters are challenged to experience the loss of their best friend.

This is a story about how we experience loss. How real people avoid it, immerse themselves in it, cope with it, and work through it to find their purpose again. I know from both clinical and personal experience that there are no easy answers. Every person experiences grief differently, and every loss is unique. In reading Mark’s novel, I discovered everyday people reacting to extraordinary circumstances. The characters quickly become friends the reader can identify with. I plan to recommend this novel to my clients.

When tragedy finds its way into your life, we hope you will remember that you are not alone in dealing with the resulting emotional hardship. The world may seem to be going by for everyone else while it stands still for you. There are no shortcuts to dealing with surviving the ones you love. May you find the characters in this novel a comfort along the path of your own emotional journey.

Fred L. Holtz, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist practicing in Huntington, New York