Words by Mark L Berry / Music by Cleveland Brown based on his instrumental “Redemption”

Recorded at Captain Jefferson’s Studio and Stick Shaker Studio
Jeff Moseley and Cleveland Brown – Producers
Performed by:
Deanna Williams – Vocals
Cleveland Brown – Guitar, Sound Effects, Master Mixer
Don ‘Lefty’ Williams – Drums
John Krakowski – Bass Guitar

Skyy and Cali The cats are on the window sill
They stare at the birds until
The sun goes down and they all fly away
You hold me tight in the dark of night
You ask me if I think we might
Have more than cats share our home some day

I tell you that I love each cat
And I see where you’re going with that
But are we really ready for that day
I don’t want to fight in the dark of night
So I answer that I think we might
But a kid is more than caring for a stray

There’s the crying and the diaper changes
Sleepless nights that rearranges
Every aspect of our lives today
There’ll be a college account of no small amount
Life insurance and the bills will mount
Do we really want to change our lives that way?

Just then the cats jump into the bed
Almost as if they know what we said
Their eyes glow green before they close them for the night
I find your lips for a goodnight kiss
There’s more to life that I don’t want to miss
I hold you tight because I know we’ll to be all right
Deanna Singing

Words by Mark L. Berry and
Music by Cleveland Brown © 2006-2009

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  1. I like it!(the cats are cute too)

    — e.webb    Saturday, September 05, 2009    #

  2. Mesmerizing vocal and melody, and I think one of your best lyrical compositions(although they’re all well written and memorable). I especially like the third verse mix and subsequent instrumental with the dual accoustic and electric guitars. It has a spanish guitar quality—very Carlos Santana!

    — Laura Fleckner    Wednesday, June 17, 2009    #

  3. I took a good sweep of your (very professional and comprehensive) Web site – I really like it and also listened to your new song as well as another. I think you are a tremendous lyricist and I’m also impressed by the circle of people you’ve put around you to help bring your great, great vision to life. Congratulations.

    — Lori Yuhas    Wednesday, June 17, 2009    #

  4. I think it is now official you’ve become “that crazy cat guy who lives down the street.” Want to borrow my dog? Cool song by the way.

    — Mary Jane Eckert Hanrahan    Wednesday, June 17, 2009    #

  5. “Just listened to the song. Cool. Well done!Cheers from Tuscany!”

    — Thomas Platzer    Wednesday, June 17, 2009    #

  6. You have talent way beyond flying. Naturally it took a woman’s beautiful voice to keep me focused!

    — Hugh Schoelzel    Tuesday, June 16, 2009    #

  7. Sounds great can’t wait till ron can get another song together for your book !!!!

    — Anne Gordon    Tuesday, June 16, 2009    #

  8. Mark, are the people playing the background music the same Jeff Moseley and John Krakowski from TWA/AA and Flight Safety???

    (note: Yes they are!)

    — David Matheny    Tuesday, June 16, 2009    #

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