Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Mixing Cleveland is the master mixer and soundboard engineer expert of the Jefferson Studio Musicians that I meet with regulary. He also mixes at his home office – Stick Shaker Studios. He spent years in the military making videos and completed his service commitment as a Sergeant. I’m extrememly excited to see his first screenplay “Scud Runners” go to Hollywood because it’s a seat of the pants thriller that I’m proud to have had the honor of proofreading and rough editing.

Cleveland is an irresistable force in motion once he sets his mind to something. He’s also extremely creative and has a vision for how he sees any project he works on long before even a rough draft is formed.

Cleveland has a lot of original recorded instrumentals and I found the basis for “Cats” among them.

Cats – Music by Cleveland Brown based on his instrumental “Redemption.”

One Day – Backing vocals by Cleveland Brown

Farewell to Concorde – Music by Cleveland Brown

In the real world, Cleveland is an Embrear pilot when he’s not busy filming or recording.

Here are some Cleveland Brown Stick Shaker Studio Out-takes…
These are his personal works in progress –

Cleveland in Uniform Away From Here

Words and Music by Cleveland Brown

Bar Closer

Words and Music by Cleveland Brown


Words and Music by Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Singing and Playing

Cleveland’s YouTube Page

Cleveland’s MySpace Page

Cleveland’s Original Music MySpace Page

Cleveland Playing

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