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Recent magazine publications:

Airways Magazine

August 2010 – “Pigship Probation”
September 2010 – “The Best–and Worst–Days of My Life”
October 2010 – “Catching Up with Concorde”
January 2011 – “Cutting My Winter Teeth”
February 2011 – “My Airline Family”
March 2011 – “High Terrain All Quads”
June 2011 – “Spinning in St. Thomas”
July 2011 – “The Road Back to the Cockpit”

AOPA Flight Training Magazine

February 2011 – “Teaching is a License to Learn”

TARPA Topics Magazine

November 2010 – “Sacred Watering Holes”


Fall 2010 – “25 Years Since ERAU
Spring 2011 – “The Majors”

Write This

January 2011 – “The Secret the Darkness Completely Concealed”

Connecticut Newspapers

July 17, 2009 – “Losing the Lottery”

Current Events and Updates from Mark L Berry

48 Hour Film Project 48 Hour Film Project 2009 – Reflected Reflections
a 7 min 50 sec YouTube Horror Movie
airing at The Tivoli Theater at 9pm on 06/11/2009

Collaborative Short story
Closed by Christopher Madden and Mark L Berry

Here is a video of me reading three poems at “Poetry, Prose, and Pints” at Dressel’s Pub on May 5th, 2009. The poems are:


Sounds of Flight

The Veteran

'The Gate House' winning photo April 2009 News—
My winning picture in the Nelson DeMille photo contest for the release of his novel – The Gate House

Feb 24th 2009 Radio Interview on “The U” with Travelin T.
Videos and Audio on my PRESS RELEASES page.

NaNowriMo 50,000 Words! My second novel Street Justice is in the works. I wrote the rough 50,000 word first draft during National Novel Writer’s Month (affectionately known as NaNoWriMo) in November 2008.

Billy and Lindy will be back from Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun and life two years later has a way of developing 11 more original songs.
Street Justice Cover
February Album Writing Month FAWM Magnet

progress: Winner!

SCRIPT FRENZY (100 pages in 30 days)
Script Frenzy progress: Winner!
Also, I’m writing the screenplay adaptation of my 1st novel
Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun during April 2009