Friends' Websites

Here are some of my favorite links. When you are done checking out my novel, say hello to my buddies on the web…


Project 7 Alpha by Leland
Leland “Chip” ShanleWWII Historical Fiction Author —
Project 7Alpha – Released in the UK!

Secrets from the Tower by Bob Richards
Bob Richards — Non-Fiction/Memoir Author —
Secrets from the Tower

Mystery Writer Eric Manske Eric Manske — Mystery Novel Author


Musician Kim Smith
Kim Smith — Music Artist

John “Scuba” Linneman — Music Artist, Flight Attendant,
and Bartender Extraordinaire
The Real Scuba Scuba’s Myspace Page
Scuba’s Bast Bar Tricks Website
Scuba on YouTube

Lindy Lindy B Huskador (this novel’s protagonist has her own site!)

Salisbury - Eric Lysaght
Eric Lysaght — Music Artist — Salisbury
The Tiny Cows
also the Singer/Guitar of the real Tiny Cows

Javier Mendoza Javier Mendoza — Music Artist
Javier’s Myspace Page

Bored of Eduction — Music Artist —
Bored of Education Thursday nights at Sub Zero Vodka Bar


Another Mark Berry Another Mark Berry — Trick Shot Legend


Fashion Designer - Amy Johnson Amy Johnson — Clothing Designer — Kay Oss Designs


AristoCash Origamy Money Boquets
Paula StallardOrigamy Money Bouquets