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When I began writing Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun, I had no idea who would eventually produce the music for the lyrics I developed in the novel. I encountered Kim Smith completely by chance through one of the writer’s forums on MySpace.com. Her profile promoted her own song Broken which introduced me to her angelic voice. She has since written the music and recorded One Down and Four Up as well as From a Long Way Away and captured exactly how I wanted my protagonist to sound.

Kim is originally from Toronto, Canada, and currently resides in the UK where she pursued her higher education studies. She obtained a university degree in Music Production, preceded by a college diploma in Music Technology. She has been a semi-professional musician since 1999. Kim began piano lessons at age four and studied classical piano throughout her school years. Inevitably, one day she discovered rock music and taught herself to play guitar. She joined a high-school rock band and has never looked back.

One Down and Four Up – Performed by Kim Smith

From a Long Way Away – Performed by Kim Smith

Here’s Kim’s Blog Bio post from 09/29/2009

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time” – André Gide

Don’t you love a fresh start? I certainly do. Originally from Toronto, I moved to France shortly after high school. I dreamed of a new life across the ocean – of hanging out in Parisian bars and cafes, nibbling on croissants and sipping café au lait at breakfast. A bit of camembert and a freshly baked baguette with a fine bottle of red wine, admiring the Seine River at lunchtime. Perhaps dinner in a little-known gem of a restaurant with a polite and well-dressed young Frenchman. I would surely prance along the sunny boulevards of Paris in my haute couture dresses and live in a stunning apartment in a sought-after part of the city.

After a year of struggling to get by, working at a café in the grand, glass-domed Galeries Lafayette in the 9th district of Paris, failing to make any meaningful connections with anyone and still suffering from culture shock, I decided it was time to start from scratch again. I hopped on the Eurostar, zoomed along (until we hit the UK and slowed to a crawl) and found myself in London. I got a job as a secretary and learned how to type (in that order). I felt more at home in England than I did in France, and it was a bit easier to understand people – if they spoke slowly. Over time I began to grasp the lingo and could even differentiate between an English and an Irish accent, oh yes.

I built up a new life, meeting the ideal partner (once or twice), working as a PA to the Creative Director at a London advertising agency, and building up a network of friends. I realised I wasn’t happy in my job and took the decision to return to full-time education. My friends and family thought I was mad – the same reaction as when I had decided to leave my coveted job at a recording studio in Toronto and move to France. I obtained a BTEC HNC in Music Technology, and then decided to do a BA in Commercial Music.

After I finished my degree, I got a job at a London university. I was happier in this more laid-back admin role than I had been working under the gun at the ad agency. Unfortunately, life took an unexpected spin for me, as my partner at the time suffered life-threatening injuries. Things were difficult for us in the 5 years following the accident. We eventually split, but remain dear friends.

So here I find myself, in Bath, having relocated for yet another fresh start. Some say I’m ‘always running away’. The way I see it is that I’m striding towards a new and better future that I’m paving for myself. I’ve always been a dreamer, but at least I make my dreams come true by stepping out of my comfort zone and taking those chances. On Friday, I’m starting a master’s degree course in Songwriting. I’ve just moved into a high-ceilinged flat in a sought-after area of this beautiful ancient Roman city. My future is uncertain, but the end is always clear: I will leave this earth knowing I lived my life – as much as I humanly could – how I wanted to. And not everyone can say that.

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