Don 'Lefty' Williams

Don Lefty is an integral part of the Captain Jefferson Studio Musicians and the only one who isn’t a pilot. Yes, Lefty is wrong-handed. His music comes to life at “Not RIGHT Recording.” Lefty plays the guitar and bass as well as some drums. I swear I’m going to write the full lyrics to every first-version Lefty soundtrack if I can figure out what goes with “Something about something… something about something else.”

Lefty and I approach songs from opposite sides (even though I’m also wrong-handed) which is probably why it’s so fun to work with him. Lefty is full of original music and I only have to chose what fits the mood of the lyrics that I write.

Screwed-at-the-Drive-thru – Performed by Don ‘Lefty’ Williams

If I’m Only Dreaming – Performed by Don ‘Lefty’ Williams

Cant Say Goodbye – Performed by Don ‘Lefty’ Williams

One Day – Performed by Don ‘Lefty’ Williams

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