Mick James

Mick James Mick James is the song writing pen name for a really great friend of mine. I’ll let him reveal his true identity if he wants to. Mick wrote and composed the song Susanne after she died on TWA800 in 1996. I still have a 4-song cassette tape of his music in my truck.

In real life, Mick is a chiropractor as is his wife Anne, a friend of mine since junior high school. When Susanne was alive, they diagnosed a back problem for her that wasn’t skeletal related and gave her exercises to re-train her rhomboids and fix the problem. Doctors had told her she had scoliosis and when she learned that she could fix her own malady with disciplined stretching and exercise, she was about he happiest I ever saw her. I remember one of those exercises was called “Wall Angels” and I used to help her do them correctly.

i can’t begin to say enough great things about Mick and Anne, and the fact that he is also a talented musician is no surprise to me after getting to know these extremely motivated friends.

Susanne can be heard on the Thanks and Dedication page.

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