Welcome to the music!

If you’ve read my first novel Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun, or even the first 3 Chapters, then you’ve seen that my protagonist Lindy is a song writer and her lyrics are integral to her emotional recovery after the death of her boyfriend Oso. This is where the music from the novel is layed out as three music albums as she would have produced them within the story. The songwriting continues with Scuba’s contribution and then Lindy’s 4th music album Street Justice (as Lindy continues to develop her career in my second novel). Here you can read the lyrics as well as listen to the songs as they are produced by real music artists (just click on each song title).

Now the music from my memoir Aluminum ParachuteStill Flying After TWA 800 can be heard as well, on it’s own page (click here)

Hear the first 11 songs from Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun in an .mp3 musical Jukebox

Lindy’s 1st Album: Slices of NightLife

Slices of NightLife Album Cover

One Down and Four Up

Screwed at the Drive-thru

If I’m Only Dreaming

Lindy’s 2nd Album: Studying Psychology (Mostly as a Patient)

Studying Psychology--Mostly as a Patient
Can’t Say Goodbye
One Day
Hey Young Lady
From a Long Way Away
Just Another
Organized Anger -drum solo
Man-Made Roadblocks -bonus track

Lindy’s 3rd Album: The Fallout Shelter

The Fallout Shelter


Special Song by John “Scuba” Linneman

Scuba Singing

Lindy’s 4th Album: Street Justice

Street Justice Cover The Evil Empires
Street Justice
Getting It Every Day
My Shower
How Crazy You Make Me
Dear Scab
Dirty Cop
Rough Draft
The Veteran
Severed My Ties
Ode to Dylan
Alter Ego

Words for all songs by Mark L. Berry
(except The Family Tree by John Linneman)

Music by Kim L. Smith for One Down and Four Up and From a Long Way Away
Music by Don ‘Lefty’ Williams and Cleveland Brown for Can’t Say Goodbye
Music by Don ‘Lefty’ Williams for One Day
Music by TC Elliott and MAL for Hey Young Lady
Music by Deborah Linden for Just Another
Music by Cleveland Brown for Cats_

Special thanks to Cleveland Brown for mixing “One Day” and “Screwed at the Drive’thru”