Phoenix comes to life!

Today is January 7th (2008) and I just bought a 1981 BMW R80 G/S from Service Manager Dale Beason at BMW of Las Vegas. It’s fully rebuilt and it’s beautiful! Dale is customizing it to become Phoenix from the novel. I’ll post pics as they become available. Look for Phoenix at my novel release party in St. Louis on May 3rd!

Cheers! Mark

My New BMW R80 G/S
Picking up my new 1981 R80 G/S at BMW of Las Vegas in January 2008

Phoenix in stock paint
Phoenix originally restored in stock 1981 blue paint looked too good to paint over. Spare tank, fender, and side panels purchased for painting yellow.

Phoenix as Roberto “Oso” Acevedo would have restored it. This is how Phoenix ‘appears’ within the novel.

Phoenix head-on

Phoenix ready to ride.

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