Long Live The Pigship!

Airline life is a culture and not just a job. When I remember my early days, I always smile, though I might not always have been so amused at the time. The following song is a slice of that time when every individual airplane had a name, every city’s local bar was called The Office, and every day felt like it could be my last one on the job if I didn’t do everything exactly right, even though it wasn’t always clear what that was.

Written by Mark L Berry and Lynn McLeod
Performed by Deborah Linden and Synthetic Music Apparatus

The Pigship in Berlin-TXL in 1988

Long Live the Pigship

The year of fire, one foot in the exit
Ain’t even got started and it’s all on the line
Do or die, in for all or nothing
And everything’s against you when you’re doing your time

‘88 (aviate), desk job on a Pigship
Everywhere’s the same when you’re sideways and blind
Every flight could be the one to break you
So brace for the worst while you pray to survive

O, the days when pigs could fly

(Pigship roll call)

Porky’s Pride, Thunder Pig
Queen of the Sty, Swine Flew
Lard Limo, Ham Tram
Piggy Sue, Pork Chopr
Warped Hog, Sky Pig
Picnic Ham, Spring Chitlin
Pickled Pigs Feet, Makin’ Bacon
Bacon Bomber, Aurora Boarialis
Petulant Porker, Heavenly Hog
Porker Forker, Porky’s Petunia
Pigmalion, Kermit’s Desire
Hammy Fay Bacon, Truffle Hunter
Strato Swine, Short Lardage
Pigadilly, Old Lang Swine
Lark Sakes, Kitty Hog
Pig O- My Heart, Pork Du Jour

  1. HMS Pigship. Brings back fond memories. Mark, did I work with you at JFT? Getting old – memory loss.

    — Mike Dolan    Wednesday, April 07, 2010    #

  2. Nice!!
    TWA 1968 – 1998
    JFK- LGA

    — Ernie Krubsack    Wednesday, April 07, 2010    #

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