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Here is what the media is saying about my novel:

Steve Schafer and Mark L Berry interview on KDHX Radio with Grandfather Stark on December 26, 2009
This interview is also on KDHX’s website

The U - UMSL Student Radio
February 24th, 2009 Radio Interview on “The U” with Travelin T:

  • 2 Minute Video Segment

  • Full 44 minute Radio Interview – (31 mb)

(includes 3 recorded songs from my novel by Kim Smith
and 1 performed live in the radio station by Furious Vixen)

For the diehards, here are two more short videos from the interview. The first explains how Kim Smith and I collaborated on One Down and Four Up and the second describes my original inspiration behind writing From a Long Way Away.

Control room at The U One Down & Four Up Radio Interview Video Exerpt
(47 second Video Exerpt)

Control room at The U From a Long Way Away Radio Interview
(2 minute Video Exerpt)

BMW Owner's of America

September BMW Owners News Magazine

One Man’s Love for Motorcycles

Life Imitating Art As I rediscover riding
Mark L Berry #139933

To read the BMW ON article—click here or on each image

Life Imitaing Art article page 1

Life Imitaing Art article page 2

More than 20 years after I earned my motorcycle endorsement, how did I fall in love with riding again? It’s a case of ‘life imitating art’ as I wrote my first novel and decided I had to have the bike from my own book…

And here is the controversy stirred up in the “Rider to Rider” Letters to the Editor pages in the months following this article:

Rider to Rider - Letters to the Editor
click here for Letters To the Editor about the above article

ERAU's Alumni LIFT Magazine Fall 2008
ERAU’s alumni LIFT Magazine
Fall 2008

Class Notes Announcement in ERAU LIFT Magazine

Flagship News First Quarter 2008

Aauthor! Aauthor!
Four more AAers are newly published authors:

Adam Pitluk, Editorial Director-AA Publishing at HDQ, had his second book published, Damned to Eternity: The Story of the Man Who They Said Caused the Flood.
Noel Cox, Team Leader-European Reservations and Sales Office in Dublin, had his second book published, Being and Becoming: The Art of Mental Transformation.
John Champlin, TUL M&E retiree, had his first novel, Dirty Little Secrets, published in November.
Mark L. Berry, STL-based MD-80 Captain, had his first novel, Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun, which also includes lyrics to nine original songs, published. More information is available online at

______*American Airlines Flagship News* First Quarter 2008______

TaleLight back page of BMW Owner's News Magazine This picture appeared as the TaleLight feature in the back of BMW Owner’s News Magazine
in August 2008
Safety First at Lowes!