Street Justice

2nd Novel – 12 new songs!

Billy and Lindy are back from Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun and life two years later has a way of developing 12 more original songs.

Street Justice Cover To distract Billy from his deceased best friend Oso’s birthday, Dog takes Billy snowboarding. When Billy’s Jeep breaks down up near the Catskill Mountains, he’s forced to get towed to a local repair shop—that rips him off on the repair. Angry, Billy writes a revenge song about trashing the shop—and after performing it twice on stage, someone actually does it! Is this a case of life imitating art through a rabid fan? Billy is Detective Hollander’s number one suspect as Billy writes more angry songs and feels the power of controlling someone’s actions through his lyrics.

Release date – September 18th, 2010

Check out the lyrics to Street Justice 12 original songs

  1. What a page turner! I can’t read it fast enough!!! The first book that doesn’t bore me in a long time!!!
    Well Done!, Mark!

    — Brigitte Lakah    Thursday, September 30, 2010    #

  2. Hope you had a great party, actually I know you had a great party. Can’t wait to read No 2.

    — Gordo    Sunday, September 19, 2010    #

  3. Excellent Art. Congrads on number 2, Bro.

    — Gary Frisard    Friday, May 08, 2009    #

  4. Wow, Mark, really interesting – both the story concept and the cover art.

    — Alice Sanvito    Friday, May 08, 2009    #

  5. Looking forward to another great book.
    Proud of you Bro.

    — Patrick Aversa    Thursday, May 07, 2009    #

  6. Nice art, looking forward to reading the novel. peace CB

    — Christine Bertolino    Thursday, May 07, 2009    #

  7. Cool cover, Mark I love the story concept for the new novel as well. Can’t wait to read it.

    — Dave Gaeng    Thursday, May 07, 2009    #

  8. Awesome! :)

    — Emmy Greenwood    Thursday, May 07, 2009    #

  9. Cool cover, Mark!

    — Brenda Martin    Thursday, May 07, 2009    #

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