Music Video Page!

Here are the music videos for the songs from both of my novels and other creative writing all posted in one place. You can also find them individually on their respective Lyrics pages (click the MUSIC tab for the index of songs).

—————-Songs from Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun—————-

Kim Smith, David Morgan, Tom Horn, and Bill Johnson performing
One Down and Four Up

Live video from 09/19/2009 party
Screwed at the Drive-thru

T.C. Elliot performing Hey Young Lady

———————————Songs from Street Justice———————————

Paul performing The Veteran and Severed My Ties

———————————Songs from my Short Stories——————————-

Cleveland Brown and me performing Closed
Written by Christopher Madden and me

  1. Awsome videos and songs. Sorry I missed the party. Sounds like it was one of the best.

    Cool Mark Boudreau    Tuesday, September 22, 2009    #

  2. I love these videos. “The Veteran” is still one of my favorite songs. Call it biased but being a vet myself does factor into it, I’m sure.

    — Cleveland Brown    Monday, September 21, 2009    #

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